More about RAVEN Experience Points (RXPs)

What are RAVEN Experience Points?

RAVEN Experience Points (RXPs) are RAVEN’s digital point system, defined per user. RXPs can be earned for the following actions:

Learner ActionRXP
RAVEN Sign Up500
Publish an Article1000
Visit every week20
Reach a total 500 RXP balance50
Reach a total 1000 RXP balance100
Reach a total 2000 RXP balance200
Send an email invitation50
Account from email invitation gets activated100
Get an invited user account activated100
Complete User Profile100
Publish an activity post10
Reply to an activity post10
Publish an activity post in a group10
Complete a Quiz25
All the above with a maximum grade50
Complete a lesson / waypoint5
Complete any course100
Complete a Specific Course200
Complete any interactive content10

As you can see, you can earn RXPs for course purchases, participating in social activities, engaging with interactive content, and inviting your friends and colleagues to RAVEN.

Where can I find my existing RXPs?

Your RXP Balance can be found in your User Profile. If you click your name on the top-right hand corner of the website when logged in, you can access your Profile. Within your profile, click the RXP tab to view your balance.

How can I use my RXPs?

When purchasing a course, you can use your RXPs to get a discount on your course. The equivalence rate is of 1%.