RAVEN and Society

We want RAVEN to be an active participant and representative of the digital aviation space within society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility schemes not only promote knowledge and sustainability, but create a space where aviation professionals worldwide can nurture the aviators of tomorrow.



Aerospace is an area which attracts many kids and youngsters. Through the Horizon Programme, RAVEN helps and guides children and young people orient their studies to the aerospace industry. We connect young aviators with the right education content, provide career advice and connect talent with the right environments.

RAVEN's Green Deal!

The platform's contribution towards .

Well, we have a deal for you. Apart from reducing any negative impact that our operations have on our planet’s ecosystem, we want to play an active role to support international bodies to reduce carbon emissions and build a cleaner and greener air transport industry for the generations of tomorrow.

We are offering every RAVEN user the opportunity to complete the Aviation’s Sustainable Future course completely FREE! You will also be able to earn a certificate, skill recognition and RAVEN credits upon successful completion of the course.



During your lessons and courses on the RAVEN platform, you will be rewarded with RAVEN Experience Points, our way of rewarding your progress and thank you for participating in the RAVEN project. Why not use RXPs to sponsor the learning process of young aviators worldwide?

Meanwhile, if you are a young aviator, or the legal guardian of a kid who aspires to learn about and work in the aerospace industry, why not sign up to this exciting opportunity? You will be given exclusive access to the exciting world of aviation, and RAVEN can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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