Course Enrollment on Raven

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Finding a Course

You can use RAVEN’s Course Catalog or the search tool at the top of the page to find and enroll in online courses of interest. When you find a course which interests you, click on it to navigate to the Course Landing page.

Course Landing Page

The Course Landing Page will give you extensive information on the course, including

  • The Course Title
  • Who the course is intended for
  • The Learning Outcomes of the course
  • A detailed description of the course
  • Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Whether the course has any prerequisites
  • Enrollment Options
  • A breakdown (locked until enrollment) of Sections, Lessons and Waypoints
  • Training Provider Information

Browse the Catalog

The Course Catalog lists Public and Private courses on the RAVEN Learning Experience System. Public courses are courses visible to all site visitors and logged-in users, and available to all logged-in users on RAVEN. Private courses are only visible and available to enrolled users. Private courses are generally utilised in closed environments and groups.

You can sort courses alphabetically, by creation date, or by your own progress. You can also filter courses by category, or by Instructors/Training Providers. Lastly, you can change your view from panel view to list view.

Search for a Course

You can search for a course by using the lens on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Enrolment Options and Awards

Courses have a number of different enrolment options, depending on the course on offer. These options may include:

  • One time Paid Access (Add to Cart)
  • Group (or Award) Paid Access
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Free Courses

This option depends on the Training Provider, regulatory boundaries, or how much course content you can experience in a given period.

Enrolling in a Course

Selecting a Course

To take a course on RAVEN, you will need to browse our Course Catalog and purchase (or enroll if free) in a course, or be registered into the course by your Training Provider. In either way, you will need to register, or sign in, to the website to be able to start or continue a course.

To enroll in a course

  • Open the course landing page by selecting a course on the Course Catalog page.
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’. If you have already been enrolled in the course by your training provider, you can click ‘Start Course’. You can also find your course (once you have purchased or you have been enrolled) by opening the RAVEN Panel on the top left hand corner of the screen and select ‘My Courses’ on the panel.
  • The Course has been added to your cart, which you can find in the top right hand corner.
  • Click the cart and check that the course has been added.
  • Enter your contact and payment details, and Check Out.
  • Once payment is complete, RAVEN will send you two email notifications.
  • One email contains your receipt. The other is your Course Welcome email.
  • You have now been enrolled automatically in your Course and any associated Course Group.

Once you are enrolled, you are free to start your course. Some courses are fully asynchronous, meaning you can go through your course self-paced. Others may include synchronous (live) sessions on the platform. Sometimes, you may also attend Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions at a venue chosen by your Training Provider.


There are two types of prerequisites on any RAVEN course

  • Prerequisites for other RAVEN courses established by the Training Provider
  • Prerequisites for RAVEN courses set by the Training Provider in its educational programmes to maintain its training standards, and sometimes set forth by its overseeing Authority.

The two are not exclusive.

In the case of prerequisites for other RAVEN courses, RAVEN will not allow you to purchase on enrol in the course before you have completed the prerequisite course.


RAVEN courses may be eligible for external funding. Refer to our Funding page for more information, and continue following us on social media and the dedicated page for more information.

Course Expiry Windows

Bear in mind that courses may have course expiry window, meaning you will have x number of days or weeks to complete a course. Some courses may also specify Lesson deadlines throughout the course, and associated deadline over-run policies. It is RAVEN policy that training providers establish course windows, schedules and/or training modalities in a Waypoint at the beginning of the course.

Your Courses

Once you are enrolled in a course, you can access it via the ‘Course Landing Page’. This page can be reached through 4 ways.

  1. You can find the course in the Course Catalog.
  2. You can find the course using the RAVEN Panel at all times, in the top left hand corner.
  3. You can find the course using your Profile Drop-Down list.
  4. You can find the course in ‘Courses’ tab in the Course Social Group.

Courses can be ‘In Progress’, or ‘Completed’, in which case you can find your Certificate on the Course Landing Page, or in your Profile ‘Certificates’ tab.

Completing a Course

After completing a course, you will still have access to the course content you viewed during your course. However, you will not be able to attempt quizzes again. Once we release the RAVEN App, you will be able to access content remotely and offline.

Terms of Service in regards to Intellectual Property, and proper use of content on the platform remain applicable.


When you complete a course, you will receive a certificate, which you will be able to find on the course landing page, and on the ‘Certificates’ tab on your profile.

Certificates will clearly indicate your name, course, training provider and nature of your achievement. It will also contain a Certificate Unique Identification Number (CUIN) which any potential employer can verify for authenticity.

Retake a Course

Depending on the standards and requirements set forth by your Training Provider, you may be required to retake a course. In this case, related quizzes and assignment attempts shall be reset.


Should you wish to un-enroll from a course, email

You can un-enroll from group subscriptions through the Group Subscription Page.