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Professional, Engaging and Interesting!

“My learning experience on the RAVEN platform has been very positive. The courses are professionally-made, engaging and interesting. I would definitely recommend RAVEN to students and professionals in the aviation sector.”

Jason Gauci
Senior Lecturer, University of Malta

As close as it can get to a real in class experience.

The instructional style is excellent and as close as it can get to a real in class experience, with the added benefit of completing the course at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office.  I think Raven have done a great job and most certainly look forward to take some other course with them.
Tyron Galea
Chief Safety and Compliance Officer, Air Malta

The system’s interactive design makes the learning experience enjoyable. offers students an informative and engaging platform through which they can learn about the most pressing issues in the industry. The courses are well thought out, and the system’s interactive design makes the learning experience enjoyable. I would recommend the sustainable aviation module to anyone working in the industry.

Thomas Hayden-Lefebvre
Director, Ibex Publishing

A very well structured, clearly delivered and up to date course.

Dogtooth’s Regulation Review for Drone Operations course hosted at Raven is a very well structured, clearly delivered and up to date course.  It is an accessible introduction to Commission Regulations (EU) 2019/947 and 2019/945 regulating drone operations in Europe. Perfect for new entrants and is also a valuable refresher for experienced operators.

Alex Scerri
Founder, Avioscribe

Live Session Instructor

The instructor was absolutely great. Great course! He played a really good role, posing challenging situations!

Compliance Monitoring Officer
Air Operator

My RAVEN Experience

My experience on RAVEN was very informative and interactive. It was brilliant and i will highly recommend it. I would have loved the live session being longer in duration!

Nominated Person Crew Training
Air Operator

Exceptional, well done to the RAVEN team

Exceptional. All my course was clear and interesting. It kept me engaged throughout the full duration of the course. Very knowledgeable and friendly instructor!

Safety and Compliance Manager
Air Operator

Simple and Powerful

A concise review by third party subject matter expert with very effective simple and graphical presentations.

Type Rating Examiner
Air Operator

Launching our

RXP Programme

Launching our Raven Experience Points, or RXP programme. Every time you complete an action on Raven, such as send an activity post, complete a quiz, complete any interactive content or enrol in a new course, you get RXPs.

You can then use your RXPs to complete new course purchases, saving money in the process. So the more you interact, the cheaper you learn!

If your company enrols you in a course, whether public or private on the Raven platform, you will still earn the same RXPs, and you can save money on your personal course purchases.

Sign up for a FREE 500 RXPs, and invite friends to gain more.

Bespoke Training Solutions

We create custom developed AI driven scenario-based training on our platform for Air Operators, Training Organisations, National Authorities, Maintenance Organisations and more. The courses we develop also benefit from our social learning environment.

Do you need online custom training deployment which needs tome delivered across the globe? We will help you develop it and deploy it successfully. Your team will also be able to earn RXPs which they can spend on individual professional development.

Who We Are

At Raven, we are passionate about democratising aviation education.  We are a team of industry experts dedicated to redefining the way people learn and excel in the aviation sector.  Our mission is clear: to make high-quality aviation courses accessible to all, breaking down the barriers that have traditionally limited this industry to a select few. With a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and excellence, we invite you to join our growing community.

The best feedback we get when people do their first course on RAVEN is, “This is different.” This is because we integrate technology and course design, to provide training on the platform which is more engaging and interactive than other training material on the market.

We know that professionals in industry love to interact with other experts and colleagues in their field. Finding time to travel for courses can be difficult, and an expense.  This is why RAVEN allows for ZOOM integration to allow us to deliver a unique hybrid approach to learning.

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Who We Need

Established Industry Professionals

We are looking for established and experienced professionals looking to be part of our RAVEN team of freelance instructors.

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Established Industry Professionals
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Our Instructor Pool

We place all instructors in an instruction pool, where they help us deliver unique training in their areas to and embrace RAVEN's vision.

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Our Instructor Pool
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Deliver using RAVEN

You will prepare and deliver live training on the RAVEN platform using our social environment and collaborative ZOOM sessions.

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