Beyond the Horizon

Unlock your Aviation Potential. One step at a time.

Who We Are

At Raven, we are passionate about democratising aviation education.  We are a team of industry experts dedicated to redefining the way people learn and excel in the aviation sector.  Our mission is clear: to make high-quality aviation courses accessible to all, breaking down the barriers that have traditionally limited this industry to a select few. With a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and excellence, we invite you to join us on a journey beyond horizons.

The best feedback we get when people do their first course on RAVEN is, “This is different.” This is because we integrate technology and course design, to provide training on the platform which is more engaging and interactive than other training material on the market.

We know that professionals in industry love to interact with other experts and colleagues in their field. Finding time to travel for courses can be difficult, and an expense.  This is why RAVEN allows for ZOOM integration to allow us to deliver a unique hybrid approach to learning.

Become an Instructor

1 Who We Need
2 How you will participate
3 What you will do
Who We Need

Established Industry Professionals

We are looking for established and experienced professionals looking to be part of our RAVEN team of freelance instructors.

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Established Industry Professionals
How you will participate

Our Instructor Pool

We place all instructors in an instruction pool, where they help us deliver unique training in their areas to and embrace RAVEN's vision.

Check out this Free Sustainability Course as an example
Our Instructor Pool
What you will do

Deliver using RAVEN

You will prepare and deliver live training on the RAVEN platform using our social environment and collaborative ZOOM sessions.

Deliver using RAVEN