Focused on your

Learning Experience.

At RAVEN, we know that your learning experience is key. We have put your learning interaction at the core of our learning platform. Whether you want to cross skill in another area, want to further your knowledge in your job, or consolidate your mandated training, we got you covered.

The Perfect

Just like coffee, the perfect eLearning experience consists of the perfect blend of instructional delivery. On RAVEN, you will experience a multitude of different instructional methodologies within the same course.  We work methodically with our providers to provide you with a unique experience, and that is our trademark.


Follow learning in your own time, at your own pace, and to suit your lifestyle.


Consolidate your understanding with strategically placed Live sessions with your course mentors.


A unique digital concept in the aerospace industry which allows you to learn from your peers.

Click click no more.
Immerse yourself.

Too many times, we have got the impression that ‘distance learning’ in the aviation industry is passive, boring, automated voice learning, which seems to be exclusively tied to ‘ticking the box’.

RAVEN is here to change that. We are constantly looking for better ways to immerse you further into an experience. A story. A learning decision.

Tiny Bursts.
RAVEN Waypoints.

RAVEN Waypoints, using a technique called Micro Learning, is all about getting eLearning in small doses, as tiny bursts of learning material you can comprehend in a short time.

We learn more by sitting when we study in short bursts, rather than sitting through countless hours of lecturing. RAVEN approaches aerospace learning from a completely different perspective, giving you access to the training material you want, when and where you require.

Earn Points.
Get Credits.
Challenge Yourself.

During your Courses and Interactions on the site, you will be able to earn RAVEN Experience Points (RXPs), which you will be able to convert into valuable content and in our corporate social responsibility initiatives.  

You will also be able to showcase your skills and achievements to your network, or to a prospective employer.

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