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About Us

The Happiness Hypothesis.

The Elephant, Rider and the Path

Jonathan Haidt, Psychologist

We believe knowledge, experience and regulatory compliance are completely useless without a thorough understanding of human psychology, emotion and the process of change. At RAVEN, we want to offer the right solution to learners’ ‘Riders’, or rational selfs. We want to share our passion and appeal to their ‘Elephants’, their emotional passions for the aviation industry. And finally, we have created a structure which helps them on their ‘Path’ to success. The coming age of aviation is different, and change will be a daily challenge. RAVEN is your learning support of choice.

The Mission.

"To provide unprecedented access to the world’s best aerospace education and empower students to lead the air transport industry in the 21st century using innovative training methodologies and learning immersion."

The Team leading the Project.

Kristian Farrugia


Kristian is a qualified Airbus A320 flight crew, with experience in Flight Operations Quality and Flight Crew Training management.  He holds an Executive MSc. in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, UK during which he focused on platform economics in the airline industry.  He also holds a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta and has gained several awards during his career.

Alan Grech


Alan is a warranted Mechanical Engineer by profession with special interest in aerospace engineering. He holds an MSc in Thermal Power (Aero-engine options) from Cranfield University and an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University. Alan worked for several years with different operators, also as Nominated Postholder for Continuing Airworthiness. 

Five Values woven into our Fabric.

We believe Integrity is a core company value.  We are transparent, honest and committed to speak up when ethical conduct is not respected.  We are committed to conducting ourselves with integrity with our partners and customers.  We expect every team member to act as an ambassador to the company and act in a truthful manner in every interaction he has within and outside of the organisation.

At RAVEN, we love what we do, we love why we do it, and we know that our product has an amazing value.  Everyone within the organisation demonstrates the passion and energy to drive the project forward.

At RAVEN we believe in a unique Learning Experience.  We want to put the learner at the heart of every decision, no matter how trivial.  We believe that the learning experience is not only what will drive organisational growth, but above all a value which will help the industry at large to be more efficient, effective and profitable.

RAVEN values Leadership.  We believe every member of RAVEN’s team must have the right attributes to demonstrate leadership qualities in his professional and personal life.  Thought leadership, academic leadership and interpersonal leadership skills will be developed throughout the organisation.  This will not only help organisational growth, but motivate all team members to drive forth all our core values.

At RAVEN, we are committed to challenge the status quo.  We are not ready to accept a passive approach to aerospace learning.  We believe that to succeed we must be bold.  We are willing to accept calculated risks to drive the organisation, and truly innovate within the industry.