Virtual Classroom and Hybrid Course Programmes

Discover our comprehensive selection of aviation training courses tailored for aviation professionals eager to upskill and advance their careers. Our training solutions encompass both virtual and hybrid instructor-led programs, providing a versatile and effective learning experience. Our commitment to helping you achieve your aviation career goals is reflected in the high-quality instruction and resources we provide. Whether you’re navigating your way through the aviation industry or seeking to deepen your expertise, these courses offer the ideal blend of flexibility, expertise, and convenience, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to reach new heights in your aviation career. Follow us on social media for more course info!

Live Sessions

CBTA for Instructors

Evidence Based Training

Aviation Auditor

Burnout Prevention for Aviation Professionals

Emotional Intelligence for Aviation Leaders and Managers

Stores and Parts Incoming Inspection

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Aircraft Weight and Balance

RAVEN Interactive Learning Experiences (Online Courses)

Explore our online asynchronous courses, designed for mid-level professionals seeking a highly interactive and socially-driven learning experience. These courses offer a unique blend of interactivity and collaborative learning, creating a dynamic environment for upskilling and career advancement. Join us for an innovative approach to online education, where you can connect with peers and leverage shared knowledge, all at your own pace.

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