Burnout Prevention for Aviation Professionals

This course is intended for aviation professionals seeking to prevent or recover from high levels of stress or burnout.

What the Course is About

This course sets out to address the prevention and recovery of high levels of stress and burnout. It is intended for all aviation professionals seeking to expand their learning by taking an in-depth exploration of the topic. The course offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of one’s self when it comes to averting or dealing with high levels of stress and burnout.

The risk of reaching a stage where an individual is burnt out is increasing due to high work and life demands. If left unchecked, burnout can lead to more serious problems related to wellbeing such as anxiety, depression, as well as serious biological implications. Research continuously highlights strong links between high stress in the aviation industry that can lead to burnout. 

The course will equip participants with a good theoretical understanding of what burnout really is through the explanation of different models. Importance will also be given to a reflective and experiential way of learning through some self-assessment exercises. 

Having a theoretical understanding of burnout and self-awareness are essential but they will be substantiated by knowledge on strategies for burnout recovery and understanding unhealthy coping mechanisms. Ultimately, participants will also leave with an understanding of how to develop and foster coping strategies in the face of burnout.

Target Audience

Aviation Professionals (All Levels)

Learning Experience

Virtual Classroom on ZOOM over 1 day.


Next session: Tuesday 25th June 2024

Contact support@raven.aero for bre-bookings.

This course will be be organised with minimum of 4 participants. Displayed price is per person.

Learning Objectives


  • Understanding burnout (causes, symptoms, & consequences).
  • Recognising one’s own needs for self-care.
  • Understanding the relation between stress, resilience and burnout.
  • Understanding stress factors specific to aviation.
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms when managing stress.
  • Challenges and developments related to burnout in the aviation industry.


  • Recognising and managing early signs and symptoms of burnout in oneself and others.
  • Assessing burnout levels in oneself.
  • Developing resilience as a burnout prevention strategy.
  • Identifying when one is using healthy vs unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage stress.
  • Learning what an environment that prevents burnout looks like and how to create it. 


  • The learner will be able to accurately assess burnout levels in oneself and in others.
  • The learner will learn about the five dimensions of wellbeing and will be able to adopt holistic lifestyle practices (or healthy coping mechanisms) for preventing and recovering from burnout and improving mental health and wellbeing.

About Instructor

Joshua Aquilina

Joshua is a Warranted Counselling Psychologist, Training & Development Consultant, and Executive Coach working with PsyPotential. He has a vast number of years of experience leading groups, lecturing, and doing assessments, psychotherapy and supervision as a warranted psychologist. He has led operations, various teams and chaired service review and multi-disciplinary team meetings for over four years as part of a senior management team. Joshua’s main work experience is in the social, educational, and corporate sectors, where he supports professionals in organisations by working with them to improve their self-awareness, personal and professional development, and interpersonal relationships. Joshua finds a deep purpose in helping people improve their coachable skills to reach their full potential.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons