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We recognise that different training providers and organisations are at different stages of development in their online training programmes.  We are here to facilitate your path to highly immersive content delivery.  

The Raven Ready Process is an eLearning Development process, that helps you work together with our eLearning Development Unit to produce eLearning content to suit your needs and market.  It is designed to help you grow, and offer your expertise to the wider environment.

Step 1 Intro Meetings
Start with an Idea
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Whether you already are a training provider, have a course structure, content or simply an idea, send an email to courses@raven.aero.  

We will meet with you, show you RAVEN’s potential, discuss your stage in eLearning development and guide you forward.

Step 2 Initial Review
Course Categorisation
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We will use this stage to classify your course to a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 classification status.

Tier 1 are html5-ready interactive courses which only require the introduction of social learning elements.

Tier 2 are courses for which a framework and content already exists and which RAVEN's eLearning Development Unit can transform into an industry leading experience.

Tier 3 are courses for which content is not available, generally brought forward by subject matter experts.  RAVEN offers resources to these professionals to help them develop the course.

Step 3 Implementation
Create a Plan
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We will prepare a course review report and use your provided framework to develop a detailed course outline using the latest social learning and eLearning techniques*.

Step 4 Design and Development (For Tier 2 and Tier 3 Providers)
The Exciting Stuff

We will use your guidance and support to design and develop your course to specification at our eLearning Business Development Unit in Malta.

Should we require you or your instructors to feature in recorded content, we provide the facility and studio equipment required in our specially designed recording studio.

We also work with our video development partners to provide filming on location if required.

Step 5 Putting your course on RAVEN
Learning Experience System Upload
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RAVEN will upload your course content on its Learning Experience System, making sure it meets your requirements.

Step 6 Upload and Pre-Release
To make it Perfect.

We will pre-release to the provider and recommended SMEs for review.

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The course is launched to the public and wider community.

*Subject to an Initial Commitment Fee Payment by Tier 2 Training Providers and an Initial Quotation for eLearning Development. Intellectual Property remains with the Tier 2 Provider, as does for Tier 1.

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