Your Potential

Turn your ideas and expertise into social, interactive, digital learning content.  Whether you are an individual or an organisation, you can invest in your digital asset and earn a return.

Here are two sample waypoints.

A waypoint is our most granular learning content.  It is normally only 4 to 5 minutes long, and is designed to maximise the Learner’s engagement.  We have included two types of learning content delivery below for you to interact with.  Whilst you are at it, complete the games below the videos.

Helping you make the leap.

We recognise that different training providers and organisations are at different stages of development in their online training programmes.  We are here to facilitate your path to highly immersive content delivery. The Raven Ready Process is an eLearning Development process, that will help you work together with RAVEN to produce eLearning content to suit your needs and market.  It is designed to help you grow, and offer your expertise to the wider environment.

Phase 1
Intro Meetings
Start with an Idea
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Whether you already deliver a training programme, or simply have an idea, send an email to sales@raven.aero.  You could be an individual looking to develop and market your own course, or an organisation looking to develop its own content for its team, or for third parties.

We will meet with you, show you RAVEN’s potential, understand your stage of eLearning development and guide you forward.

Phase 2
Initial Review
Establish a goal
business meeting, meeting, business



We will use this phase to establish a course outline, help you establish the learning outcome, and define a course goal within an established budget.

Phase 3
Write the course
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We will provide you with a customised template to write your script.  Our team will review the script to make sure it is easily understood, and fix any natural language errors.


Don't worry! This might seem daunting, but the script need not be as long as you might think.

Phase 4
Turning Ideas to a Learning Experience

We will develop your course to specification at our eLearning Development Unit in Malta.

Should we require you or your instructors to feature in recorded content, we provide the facility and studio equipment required in our specially designed recording studio.

We also work with our video development partners to provide filming on location if required.

Phase 4
Placing it on the RAVEN LXP

RAVEN will upload your course content on its Learning Experience System, making sure it meets your requirements.  We will also create a course social group for you to manage your Learners should you require.

Phase 6
Upload and Pre-Release
To make it Perfect.

We will pre-release to the provider and recommended SMEs for review.

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The course is launched to the public and wider community, allowing you to earn a Return on Investment on your Development Cost, or offset your organisation's Training Costs.

A Closed Environment for your Team.

You know about the importance of innovation. You also nurture the value of your employees’ learning journey and your organisation’s regulatory excellence.

Our nest is a closed social group with sub-groups, connected to a Learning Experience System which you can use to deploy learning to groups of employees in your organisation.