Your Potential

Anyone who is a management buff will know about Porter’s Five Forces, widely known in Strategic Management. Anyone who is read in Digital Innovation will also know about Porter’s Sixth Force – The Power of Complementors. RAVEN empowers all of its collaborating providers to create an amazing learning experience. 

We want you to be part of our vision.

Sell your Content on RAVEN
Own a Digital Asset.

Tier 1

For training providers who want to offer html5-ready interactive content on the RAVEN Learning Experience Platform.

Tier 2

For training providers who want to transform their content into an industry leading eLearning experience.

Tier 3

For individual contributors and organisations who have an aerospace eLearning idea.

A Closed Environment for your Team.

You know about the importance of innovation. You also nurture the value of your employees’ learning journey and your organisation’s regulatory excellence.

Our nest is a closed social group with sub-groups, connected to a Learning Experience System which you can use to deploy learning to groups of employees in your organisation.