Raven.aero Open Environment Launched

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On April 1st 2021, RAVEN will launch its website with limited access to the Logged In user environment as part of its Beta Phase programme.

The RAVEN Learning Experience System provides an open online space for the sharing and exchange of learning value through content, social interaction and immersive experiences. RAVEN allows aviation professionals to connect, interact, and consume learning experiences collaboratively.

RAVEN and its processes also allow training providers to share, upgrade their content and collaborate to provide a learning experience to aviation learners which is customised, flexible and encompasses multiple learning modalities.

“We are so excited to unveil our site,” said Kristian Farrugia, CEO RAVEN. “From concept, RAVEN has been committed to start its digital development from the learning experience. Our vision is to become the eLearning platform of choice for aerospace learners globally, and key to this path is the value at the heart of our users’ interaction with the system. We will continue keeping this interaction at the heart and core of RAVEN, and all other digital relationships and ancillaries will build and surround this core value exchange.”

Platform development has moved at pace since the concept’s inception, and RAVEN expects to open its user environment to the aviation community in the coming months. RAVEN is also working with multiple training providers to collaborate, provide ideas and create fun and immersive experiences.

The company is also committed to work with various local entities, and to place Malta at the centre of the aviation training world in the post-pandemic world. Placed at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta’s aviation market has grown exponentially in the past decade, and RAVEN will consolidate this network by working with government entities and be open to collaboration with all entities across the island for the provision and consumption of learning content.

In line with RAVEN’s business strategy, the development of its operating strategy remains core to RAVEN’s activities. “We have collaborated with Malta Enterprise and other local entities to create an eLearning Development Studio which can host training providers looking to place content on the RAVEN Learning Experience System,” says Ing. Alan Grech, COO RAVEN. “We see a huge opportunity for learning value creation across the industry, and have created a RAVEN Ready Process to be able to onboard training providers at various stages of eLearning development.”

RAVEN has been testing, developing and creating, in collaboration with its partners, unique training content on it’s web-based platform. Being in the aviation world, RAVEN has also sought to guide its organisations and training providers navigate mandatory regulations for the provision of eLearning. This is in line with RAVEN’s policy to facilitate the adoption of the platform for Learners and Providers alike.

RAVEN will officially launch in Summer 2021.

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