The future of aerospace learning

In the aerospace industry, we are living in a volatile world of constant change. But despite the challenges which we face during our everyday operations, there are two certainties which we have to acknowledge: we are not extraneous to the rapid acceleration of digital technologies; and, especially following the coronavirus pandemic, learning has changed.

The onset of COVID-19 triggered a perfect storm. Even though aircraft were grounded, education and training just couldn’t stop. People were immobilised in their own homes, so most training departments and organisations had to transition to the digital environment in a very short timeframe.  Most shifted their existing presentations and moved onto generic platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Today, we refer to that process as digitisation.

COVID-19 provided an opportunity to change and streamline our digital learning experience.  RAVEN ( aspires to be at the forefront of this change within the aviation industry, by providing a curated digital environment where providers and learners can exchange value through immersive and engaging training content. Prospective learners will benefit from better access to education, lower costs, better quality of education, more innovative solutions and a higher chance of employment. Training providers and industry organisations will benefit from lower costs of delivery, economies of scale and scope, improved operational margins, exposure to skilled talent and a global reach.  RAVEN also provides Providers with the opportunity to utilise new and exciting learning pedagogies, such as a hybrid solution to digital learning.

Our mission is to provide unprecedented access to the world’s best aerospace education and empower students to lead the air transport industry in the 21st century using innovative training methodologies and learning immersions. Our vision is to become the eLearning platform choice in aerospace education and create new opportunities for people and stakeholders in the industry. 

Change is beckoning.  will be open for registrations in March 2022. Should you wish to join the beta programme contact us on be**@ra***.aero


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