RAVEN supports MACE, Malta’s Largest Aviation Conference

RAVEN is pleased to announce that it is officially supporting the Malta Aviation Conference & Expo (MACE), on the 5th and 6th of October at the Hilton Malta. MACE is Malta’s largest aviation conference, bringing together aviation leaders together to discuss different verticals in the aviation system together with a variety of leading keynote speakers.

MACE 2022, with its theme ‘Gaining Altitude’, will focus on four different verticals.

  • The Future of Aviation, including Decarbonisation and Climate Change
  • Legal and Financial Frameworks
  • Talent Acquisition and Development
  • Malta as a Key Aviation Jurisdiction

RAVEN is supporting MACE by offering every delegate a 50 EUR voucher for use with RAVEN courses through the RAVEN pay gateway. The voucher can be utilised by the delegate himself/herself or passed on to colleagues.

This support is in line with RAVEN’s mission, to empower learners to lead the air transport industry in the 21st century using innovative training methodologies and learning immersion. RAVEN believes that MACE is the perfect setting to promote new approaches to learning with key aviation leaders, and looks forward to continue supporting upcoming fora discussing the future of the mobility industry.

Raven is an interactive and social digital learning environment for the aviation world.

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