The EASA Rulemaking Process

This course will help you understand the EASA Rulemaking Process by guiding you through the process, with examples.

What the Course is About

In the European Union, the planning of rulemaking activities is embedded in the European Plan for Aviation Safety, and managed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, EASA. Through this course, we will describe the process of EASA rulemaking in a step-by-step fashion, using interactive games and RAVEN’s social learning features.

Regulations are an integral part of the European Aviation Safety System.  Your professional life within the aviation industry, whether you are just starting out, or you have decades of experience, is guided by regulatory boundaries.  Every decision you take, every strategy you develop, and every process you devise, will need to lie within regulatory boundaries.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for learners and professionals within the European Aviation Industry looking for a better understanding of the inner workings of how rules are developed and issued in European aviation.

Learning Experience

1 hour, linear format.

90-day window to finish the course.

Learning Outcomes


The Learner will be able to briefly describe the EASA Rulemaking Procedure, and recognise rules at different stages of the process.


The Learner will be able to locate the EASA Rulemaking Process, Terms of Reference, Notice of Proposed Amendments and Opinions on the EASA website.


The Learner will be able to factor in and anticipate upcoming regulatory changes in his professional life, and be able to participate in the EASA Rulemaking Process.

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About Instructor

Kristian Farrugia

Raven Co-Founder. Flight Operations and Crew Training expert. Experienced First Officer with a Mechanical Engineering degree and an Executive MSc. in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, where he focused on Airline Business Strategy, Consumer Value and Platform Economics. Skilled in EASA Air Ops, Airbus A320, and Air Transport Auditing, Management and General Consultancy. Teaching background and academic delivery skills in Airline Strategic Management.

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