Safety Management Systems (SMS) Fundamentals

Safety Management Systems (SMS) online course for aviation professionals who wish to acquire basic knowledge to implement, improve or participate in an organisation's SMS.

This is a fully online Safety Management Systems (SMS) course dedicated to aviation professionals.

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What the Course is About

Welcome to this Safety Management Systems (SMS) online course designed for aviation professionals. SMS is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide. It is recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), and civil aviation authorities (CAA), and product/service providers as the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation. FAA and EASA have made the implementation of an SMS mandatory for several types of organisations including, Air Operators, Initial and Continuing Airworthiness, as well as Maintenance Organisations, Air Service Provides, and is being progressively extended to all the domains of the Aviation system.

Safety Management Systems for product/service providers (certificate holders) and regulators integrate safety risk management and safety assurance concepts into repeatable, proactive systems. SMSs emphasise safety management as a fundamental business process to be considered in the same manner as other aspects of business management.

As a professional working within this highly dynamic and constantly changing environment, the learner needs to be familiar with the backbone of an SMS, and understand why it is important for the organisations as well as the global industry safety, and how to implement and support its implementation.

By completing this SMS online course, the learner will recognize the organisation’s role in accident prevention by implementing an efficient SMS, with solid risk controls and a safety promotion framework to support a sound safety culture.

Target Audience

This SMS online course is targeted for any aviation professional who needs to participate in SMS including but not limited to: Accountable Managers, Nominated Persons, Safety Managers, Compliance Managers, Quality Managers, CAMO Staff, Maintenance Staff, Part 21 Staff, Ground Handling Staff, Flight Crew and Cabin Crew.

Learning Experience

2-3 hours, linear format.

Course consists of Interactive Videos, Games, Quizzes and Discussions.

90-day window to finish the course

Learning Outcomes


At the end of the training, the learner will be familiar with the Basic elements of a Safety Management System and have a good understanding of some critical elements such as the Management of Change and Occurrence Reporting as well as the importance of Safety Culture as a crucial aspect to successfully implement the SMS.


The learner will be able to implement and support the implementation of the SMS as well as some of its key elements, such as the Occurrence Reporting system, Running Management of Change Reviews, perform Risk Assessments and promote Safety Culture in the organization.


The learner will get sufficient knowledge that will allow him to perform Risk Analysis, Participate in Safety related board meetings and write processes related to the SMS.

About Instructor

Sergio Goncalves

Sergio has over 20 years of aviation experience. He holds a Masters degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Aviation Management, delivered by University of Geneva in cooperation with IATA. He has been Working as Safety and Compliance Monitoring Manager for the past 8 years and his main activities include leading and managing the core safety, compliance and quality activities within the organisation. His main competences include: SMS implementation and adaptation, Risk Management, Audit & Inspection, Project Management, FRMS, Trainer / Facilitator. He has been an internal SMS trainer since 2015.

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