Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Customisation

A guide to aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) customisation, approval and use, including a regulatory review.

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What the Course is About

On the ground, an aircraft is considered “airworthy” when its “physical state matches its design”, and so it is considered to be in a good condition for a safe operation. However, you can also achieve an acceptable level of safety for an aircraft which has known failures –  and this is where the Minimum Equipment List (or MEL) comes in. The MEL is the operator’s tool which provides an approved way to determine the required conditions under which a flight can be commenced safely with inoperative equipment.

The Minimum Equipment List is a document which needs to be customised for a specific aircraft and required approval from respective National Aviation Authorities. The operator is ultimately responsible for the MEL customisation.

This course  follows EASA regulation, and covers most of the basic principles of MELs. It is aimed for aviation professionals who require a deep understanding of the regulation behind MELs together with know-how and good practices for how to customise and acquire approval for an MEL. The course is also ideal for other aviation professionals who want to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Target Audience

This course is intended for aviation personnel who are responsible for customising MELs. It is also ideal for experienced MEL users, looking for a better understanding of MEL regulations and the customisation process. This course can also be used to complement operators’ training programmes to fulfil MEL training as stated in AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(e).

Learning Experience

3-4 hours, linear format.

90-day window to finish the course.

Learning Outcomes


The Learner shall be able to recall the main regulation concerning Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMELs) and MELs.


The Learner shall be able to get on an MEL customisation project in conjunction with the Authority, get it approved and ready for use within an operator environment.


The Learner shall be able to define an MEL customisation project for any aircraft type, based on first principles.

About Instructor

Alan Grech

Alan is a warranted Mechanical Engineer by profession with special interest in aerospace engineering. He holds an MSc in Thermal Power (Aero-engine options) from Cranfield University and an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University. Alan worked for several years with different operators, also as Nominated Postholder for Continuing Airworthiness.

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