Galistair’s ETOPS Airworthiness Procedures

What the Course is About

Welcome to the “Galistair ETOPS Airworthiness Procedures Course”. This specialized program is crafted to familiarize you with the details of Galistair’s Extended Operations (ETOPS) procedures, providing essential insights into the airline’s unique approach to ensuring airworthiness on extended-range flights.

This course comprises seven lessons, each designed to cover vital aspects of Galistair’s ETOPS operations. From regulatory nuances to Galistair’s maintenance and reliability programs, you will gain comprehensive knowledge to navigate the complexities of extended-range flights. The lessons are organized into waypoints, providing a structured and immersive learning experience.

Target Audience

  • Part-145 Personnel
  • CAMO Personnel


To make the most of this course, it’s recommended that you already possess a basic understanding of ETOPS operations. This course is ideal for aviation professionals, including CAMO personnel, maintenance crews, and those involved in planning and executing ETOPS flights within the Galistair framework.

Learning Outcomes


  • The learner shall understand which regulation governs ETOPS operations within EASA.
  • The learner shall understand the role of the Airbus A330 Configuration, Maintenance, and Procedures document (CMP) and the identification of “ETOPS Tasks.”
  • The learner shall learn about the ETOPS Maintenance Procedures specific to Galistair’s A330 fleet, including the “Dual Maintenance” concept and ETOPS capability control. 
  • The learner shall understand the importance of an ETOPS Pre-Departure Service Check.
  • The learner shall comprehend the goals and components of Galistair’s ETOPS reliability program, focusing on the assessment of propulsion system reliability, APU in-flight start program, engine oil consumption monitoring, and SOAP/MCD monitoring.


  • The learner shall improve his skills in overseeing contracted line maintenance, ensuring timely responses to reliability issues, and verifying the restoration of ETOPS capability after maintenance actions.
  • The learner shall develop the ability to monitor and assess propulsion system reliability, engine oil consumption trends, and other factors critical to ETOPS flights through practical applications and analysis.
  • The learner shall be able to identify and report ETOPS-related occurrences.


  • The learner shall exhibit competence in adhering to Galistair’s competency control procedures, ensuring that personnel involved in ETOPS operations, including CAMO and maintenance personnel, meet the required standards through appropriate training and assessment.
  • The learner shall display competence in coordinating with contracted maintenance organisations, particularly in verifying ETOPS capability status and overseeing necessary corrective actions.


About Instructor

Alan Grech

Alan is a warranted Mechanical Engineer by profession with special interest in aerospace engineering. He holds an MSc in Thermal Power (Aero-engine options) from Cranfield University and an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University. Alan worked for several years with different operators, also as Nominated Postholder for Continuing Airworthiness.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 10 Waypoints
  • 2 Quizzes
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