EASA Part-145 Regulation + SMS Implementation

This course is intended for Aviation professionals working in EASA Part-145 approved organizations especially personnel responsible for designing and implementing SMS in their organizations. 

What the Course is About

This hybrid course covers EASA Part-145 regulation and its Safety Management System (SMS) implementation in detail and is composed of 5 modules:

Module 1: The Basic Regulation is an asynchronous module giving a good overview on how EASA was set-up and what is its intended purpose and objectives.

Module 2: The EASA Rulemaking Process is an asynchronous module intended to support the candidate consolidating further the knowledge gained in the first module. EASA plays a vital role in the creation and implementation of aviation rules and regulations and the intent of this module is to give a good understanding of the processes involved behind rule making. 

Module 3: Safety Management Systems (SMS) Fundamentals is an asynchronous module intended to provide a basic understanding of Safety management systems as developed initially by ICAO.

Module 4: Part 145 Regulation Review is a synchronous module covering EU Regulation 1321/2014 Annex II (Part-145), where the participants have the ability to interact with the instructor online, covering all the requirements to be met by EASA approved Part-145 Organisations.

Note: If you are only interested in the SMS implementation for EASA Part-145 organisations, Raven offers the “EASA Part145 SMS Implementation” hybrid course as an alternative.

Module 5: Part 145 SMS Implementation. Similar to Module 4, this module is a synchronous module where the participants have the ability to interact with the instructor online. This module builds on Module 3 and discusses all the elements and requirements to be implemented in a Part 145 Safety Management System in relation to 145.A.200, 145.A.202, 145.A.205 and ICAO Annex 19 Appendix 2.

Following the completion of all the five modules, the course participants will gain an enhanced understanding of the EASA Part-145 requirements and a thorough understanding of all the requirements related to an SMS in a Part-145 organization. In addition, the course participants will gain knowledge and understanding on how to keep oneself updated with any amendments of the regulations that are published by EASA.

Target Audience

  • Accountable Managers
  • Nominated Persons
  • Compliance Monitoring Managers and Auditors
  • Safety Managers
  • Continuing Airworthiness Engineers
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planners
  • Aircraft Maintenance Programme Engineers
  • Aircraft Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Pilots

Learning Experience

This course is delivered in Hybrid mode equivalent to 3-day classroom training.

Modules 1, 2 and 3 are asynchronous courses and can be done in the students own time.

When learners complete the first 3 modules they can register to attend virtual live sessions on the dates below:

Module 4 Live Sessions:

  • 16 October 2023, 4pm to 8pm, or
  • 06 November 2023, 4pm to 8pm

Module 5 Live Sessions:

  • 19 October 2023, 4pm to 8pm, or
  • 09 November 2023, 4pm to 8pm

If you cannot make it on any of these dates contact support@raven.aero. More sessions will be organised on a regular basis.

Learning Outcomes


  • The Learner shall be able to outline the basic features of the Basic Regulation.
  • The Learner will be able to briefly describe the EASA Rulemaking Procedure, and recognise rules at different stages of the process.
  • The learner will be able to understand the requirements for EASA Approved Part-145 Organizations.
  • The learner will have a good understanding of the elements of a SMS and its critical elements such as the Management of Change and Occurrence Reporting as well as the importance of Safety Culture as a crucial aspect to successfully implement the SMS.


  • The Learner shall be taught awareness of the Basic Regulation, and which parts apply to their daily role.
  • The Learner will be able to locate the EASA Rulemaking Process, Terms of Reference, Notice of Proposed Amendments and Opinions on the EASA website.
  • The Learner will be able to locate the EASA Part-145 regulations on the EASA Website.
  • The learner will be able to implement and support the implementation of the SMS as well as its key elements, such as the Occurrence Reporting system, Running Management of Change Reviews, perform Risk Assessments and promote Safety Culture in a Part-145 organization


  • The Learner shall be able to highlight the need for the Basic Regulation, and be conversant with its location.
  • The Learner will be able to factor in and anticipate upcoming regulatory changes in his professional life, and be able to participate in the EASA Rulemaking Process.
  • The Learner will be able to interpret and factor in EASA Part-145 requirements during discharge of duties.
  • The learner will get sufficient knowledge that will allow him to perform Risk Analysis, Participate in Safety related board meetings and write processes related to the SMS.

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