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This course is specifically designed to help operational personnel and other front liners serving Operators falling into the “No-Carry” category, in deciding whether a particular object may be carried or not.

Even the most harmless objects, under specific circumstances, may become too dangerous to store and transport, with the risk level being raised to an unacceptably high level.

Through years of experience, the aviation industry has managed to reduce the risks associated with storage and transport of dangerous goods to as low a level as reasonably practicable. Risk mitigation strategies include training requirements for anyone who may reasonably be expected to come into contact with goods classified as potentially dangerous. This level of training is in proportion to their expected level of exposure to such goods.

Although on a number of occasions the restrictions, or lack of, may seem unreasonable, they are the result of years of data and experience in the field.

Once the course is completed, the Learner will be able to take an informed decision when the situation arises and develop the required knowledge, skills and competences required by personnel of a No-Carry Operator.

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