What the Course is About

This course is intended as a demo for Air Operators and Air Transport Authorities looking to validate the quality and interactivity of QuAero‘s Crew Resource Management product on the RAVEN Platform.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) has become an integral part of the aviation system. While we cannot eliminate human error, understanding the principles of CRM can help flight crew mitigate the effect of errors on aviation safety.

CRM is part and parcel of Flight Crew training mandated by Aviation Authorities across the globe. QuAero’s modular approach to delivering CRM training is the ultimate flexible solution to achieve a unique learning experience whilst taking full advantage of digital learning.

Target Audience

This course demo represents courses targeting Flight Crew conducting initial, recurrent, change of type, change of operator and command upgrade.

Learning Experience

Modular and hybrid (if required) / Length as determined by regulation

Learning Outcomes


The Learner shall be able to recall the basic concepts of CRM.


The Learner shall be able to apply the concepts learnt during the demo course in his daily work.


Nil (demo)

Your Course Mentor

Capt. Joseph Markham is an airline type rating instructor (TRI) with over 15,000 hours on the Airbus A320, Boeing 737 EFIS, Boeing 737 Classic, and AVRO RJ70. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta. During the course of his career with Air Malta he has instructed flight crew in Technical and Human Factors topics. In 2008, he read for a postgraduate degree in Human Factors and Safety at Cranfield University ( UK). He completed the course in 2010, winning the Director’s prize for his thesis which examined the pilots’ perception of FMA callouts in a modern flightdeck.

Joseph is 56 years old, a keen sportsman and the father of Shaun and Amy Markham. Amongst his other interests are Space Travel, Open Source computer systems and reading.

Training Provider

Established in February of 2010, QuAero is a company founded by pilots who are also qualified in engineering, computer science, human factors and other hard sciences, brought together by an EU FP6 project as aviation technical experts. QuAero was created with research and innovation as its company vision and scope.

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