Aviation’s Sustainable Future: Building Your Vision

A FREE Course which will be the foundation of your aviation green skills.

Join us in this free course on Aviation Sustainability to kickstart your contribution to a more sustainable future for the aviation industry!

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What the Course is About

While aviation plays a very important role in our mobility and our daily lives, we can no longer ignore the devastating climate impacts that we are experiencing from year to year.  Droughts, wildfires, severe flooding and rising sea levels are slowly becoming the norm, and immediate and drastic action is required to avoid catastrophic climate impacts, and to protect the way of life of future generations. “Aviation Sustainability” is now on the agenda. 

We have to take action now to make sure that aviation sustainability becomes a goal.  RAVEN believes that a fundamental and intrinsic part of any solution is to create awareness.  We have designed this free course to give you the basic local, regional and global environmental challenges, and how the aviation industry is playing a role in mitigating these challenges.

Target Audience

Students aspiring to work in aviation, graduates exploring the world of aviation sustainability, airline and airport staff, policy maker staff, and executive level staff looking for a basic understanding of the key challenges in the journey towards a more sustainable aviation industry. 

Learning Experience

2-3 hours, free form format

The course is structured into lessons and waypoints as shown in course structure below. This course is in free form format, so you will be able to follow and conduct the waypoints in any order. Some waypoints are in onscreen instructor interactive format, and other waypoints are animated videos.

Learning Outcomes


To remember the key challenges faced by the aviation industry, and possible mitigations. 


To be able to consciously think of, and research, mitigation measures for operational situations during the learner’s professional life. 


An awareness of aviation environmental challenges in the next two decades.

The Presenters

This course is presented by Clare Agius and Kristian Farrugia.

Clare is an acclaimed cinema and theatre actress, television producer and presenter having hosted shows, festivals and events over the last two decades, in addition to being a passionate environmental advocate, a pilot and a devoted mother to her two kids. She has had a passion for aviation since an early age which led her to successfully complete her PPL and now flies at her own leisure and in between her busy schedule.  Her love for aviation has led her to produce and present an aviation TV series for local TV between 2017 and 2019, called “Airborne”.

Kristian is one of the Co-Founders of RAVEN. He is an industry professional with experience in tech, air operations, training, quality and strategic management. He is also a qualified air transport pilot. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from University of Malta, and Air Transport Management from Cranfield University.

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