Aviation Auditor

This hybrid course is intended for professionals looking for a qualification as an aviation auditor within the EASA region.

What the Course is About

This course programme is a NextGen approach to Aviation Auditor training in the EASA region, which will allow the learner to gain full advantage of the flexibility of digital learning, save time and travel costs, and save money for his or her organisation.

The syllabus for this course programme focuses on the challenging and dynamic environment the auditor will face in his or her daily role. 

The programme is split into 5 areas of expertise:

  1. Regulatory RAVEN Platform
  2. Safety RAVEN Platform
  3. The Audit Process Virtual Instructor Led Training
  4. Soft Skill Development Virtual Instructor Led Training
  5. Audit Workshop Virtual Instructor Led Training

The sessions are conducted with highly experienced individuals who will guide the Learner to develop himself/herself in the role.

Target Audience

Mid- to Senior-level personnel with basic experience in their area of expertise (Flight Operations, Crew Training, Ground Operations, Continuing Airworthiness, etc.) who require an initial qualification as aviation auditor.

Learning Experience

This RAVEN programme is delivered in Hybrid mode.

When learners complete the required online courses they can attend live sessions virtually.

Learning Outcomes


The Learner shall be familiar with the areas of the regulation relevant to his or her role, including knowledge of safety management systems.

The Learner shall be able to define the key elements of the audit process and accurately describe the intrinsic characteristics of each element.

The Learner shall be able to express the theoretical concepts behind effective communication, self awareness and dynamic change management in the air transport environment.


The Learner shall be able to holistically apply the principles learnt during the course programme to his daily role as an Aviation Auditor.


The Learner shall be able to adequately find, document and assess compliance of existing and future European Legislation within his organisation.

The Learner shall be able to effectively conduct an audit within his organisation to assess compliance with EASA rules and regulations, including preparation, conduct, and closing the audit.

The Learner shall understand the impact of his character traits and management style on the interrelationships within his organisation, and on any change, externally caused or otherwise, in his organisation.

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