Aircraft Maintenance Management

This training programme is tailored for aviation professionals who intend to enter the world of Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAMO). It will cover all the relevant aspects related to  Aircraft Airworthiness Monitoring and Management as well as Aircraft Maintenance Planning, execution and control and is intended to equip the participants with a deep understanding of all the applicable EU airworthiness rules, regulations and best practices.

What the Course is About

This programme is tailored for professionals employed in Continuing Airworthiness Monitoring Organizations (CAMO) and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs). Its primary objective is to furnish participants with a comprehensive grasp of aircraft airworthiness and maintenance management, encompassing the planning, execution, and oversight aspects.

The programme commences with an overview of the evolution of maintenance practices, tracing their roots in early aviation to their current form. It elucidates the fundamental objectives of aircraft maintenance. Subsequently, the program delves into the contemporary safety standards, regulatory frameworks, and rules governing the aviation industry, with a specific emphasis on European Regulation 1321/2014 and its various annexes, namely Annex I (Part-M), Annex Vc (Part-CAMO), Annex II (Part-145), and Annex III (Part-66).

The course then offers an extensive exploration of aircraft maintenance program development methodologies and philosophies, including a thorough examination of MSG Logic. In the latter part of the training program, it covers aircraft maintenance scheduling and preparation practices, complemented by a concise overview of aircraft reliability and monitoring.

Target Audience

  • Accountable Managers
  • Nominated Persons
  • Continuing Airworthiness Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Airworthiness Engineers
  • Compliance Monitoring Personnel
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planners
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Technical Records Specialists

Learning Experience

Virtual Classroom on ZOOM – 6 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours each.


Next session: TBC

Contact for bre-bookings.

This course can also be organised on demand with minimum group of 6 participants.

Learning Outcomes


  • The Learner will have an understanding on Aircraft Airworthiness and Maintenance requirements.
  • The Learner will have a good understanding of EASA Part-M, Part-CAMO, Part-145 and Part-66 rules and regulations.
  • The Learner will know the Methodologies and philosophy adopted related to the development of Aircraft Maintenance Programmes.
  • The Learner will know about maintenance planning concepts and philosophies


  • This training programme provides the necessary theoretical background to work in Part-CAMO and Part-145 Organisations.
  • Compliance monitoring Auditors will be in a better position to monitor and audit Part-M/CAMO/145 activities.


  • The Learner will be able to apply the knowledge when working in Part-CAMO and Part-145 Organisations while complying with the applicable rules and regulations.

About Instructor

George Spiteri

George is a warranted Mechanical Engineer who specializes in aerospace engineering and the field of continuing airworthiness. He has been actively involved in the Aviation industry since 2008, amassing over 15 years of professional experience in EASA Part 145, Part CAMO, and Part 147 organizations. Throughout his career, George has held diverse positions related to technical expertise, compliance monitoring, and management, granting him a profound comprehension of the implementation and interpretation of EASA rules and regulations, particularly Implementing Rule 1321/2014 for continuing airworthiness.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 21 Waypoints
  • 1 Quiz