An Introduction to EASA Air Operations Regulation

Learn more about how Flight Operations departments work, and kickstart your career in Flight Operations.  No prior experience required.

What the Course is About

Explore EASA Air Operations with Our Comprehensive Course

Welcome to the world of EASA Air Operations, also known as “Air Ops.” Whether you’re a newcomer to aviation, an air operator starting your journey, a recent graduate, or an industry professional seeking in-depth knowledge of EASA’s Air Operations regulations, our online course is designed to meet your needs.

viation is a constantly evolving industry, influenced by technology, economics, politics, and external factors like pandemics and climate change. Amidst these changes, adherence to regulations remains essential to ensure safety. As a dedicated professional, a comprehensive understanding of these regulations is crucial for performing your duties with diligence and professionalism. Join us to gain a thorough understanding of EASA’s Air Operations regulations and advance your career in this dynamic field.

What You’ll Learn

Our online course provides a comprehensive overview of EASA Air Operations regulations. Topics covered include the role of the Authority, the distinction between an AOC and Operating License, and the structure of these regulations. We also delve into each annex, including Part-ARO, Part-ORO, Part-CAT, Part-SPA, Part-NCC, Part-NCO, and Part-SPO. To enhance your learning experience, we offer interactive games and quizzes.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate following a final quiz.

Target Audience

Administrative staff, professional staff, clerical staff, graduates or students with limited experience looking for an introduction to EASA Air Operations Regulation. 

Tis online course also serves as a foundation for professional staff seeking further knowledge in the various annexes of Flight Operations, such as Part-ARO, Part-ORO, Part-CAT or Part-SPA.

Learning Experience

3-4 hours, linear format.

90-day window to finish the course.

Learning Outcomes


The Learner shall be able to remember the basic structure of the EASA Air Operations regulation. 


The Learner shall be able to find and identify the suitable regulatory boundaries which apply for any operational context within air operations. 


The Learner shall be able to to correctly identify which part of the regulation applies for a particular situation during his or her professional life. 

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About Instructor

Kristian Farrugia

Raven Co-Founder. Flight Operations and Crew Training expert. Experienced First Officer with a Mechanical Engineering degree and an Executive MSc. in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, where he focused on Airline Business Strategy, Consumer Value and Platform Economics. Skilled in EASA Air Ops, Airbus A320, and Air Transport Auditing, Management and General Consultancy. Teaching background and academic delivery skills in Airline Strategic Management.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 23 Waypoints
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate